Membership of Wheatsheaf Works Residents Association is entirely voluntary, residents are under no obligation to join whatsoever. However, there are a number of benefits to joining:

  • Access to this site as a source of news and information.
  • Access to the online communities held within this site.
  • Access to a dedicated WhatsApp group to represent the Residents Association.
  • Access to any preferential agreed rates with contractors negotiated on behalf of the Residents Association.
  • Representation when dealing with our management agents as part of the Residents Association.
  • Access to members of the board of the Residents Association, who may be able to offer advice, dispute resolution, technical support on common issues and other such services.

The main benefit in subscribing to Wheatsheaf Works Residents Association is quite simply being represented within the group. Having a say about the direction we will be taking the group, what our agendas are and how we aim to move the block forward. Leaseholders will also be able to cast a vote on any deicisions put forward at official meetings.

Any Residents Association requires a nominal fee for subscription, we have set this as low as possible at £5.00 per annum per leaseholder. This subscription fee is held within a business bank account and will ONLY ever be used to maintain the running of the Residents Association. We will be audited annually and all figures will be made public.

All costs incurred in the original setup of this association have been paid by the incumbent board and will not be deducted from funds. This represents our commitment to, and belief in, this association – we are not making any money from this.

How To Subscribe:

As well as membership to the Residents Association, subscription gains you (and other members of your property) access to this website, it’s forums and our dedicated facebook group. A simple “paid membership form” would not work here, because the idea is that one payment (per property) would equate to multiple users (per resident) of this site. So…

To subscribe, please follow these 2 simple steps:

1. Make your £5.00 payment:

Use the bank details below to transfer £5.00:

Sort Code: 23-69-72
Account Number: 18402648
Account Name: Wheatsheaf Works Residents Association
Reference: Your address

2. Complete this form:

Open this form to tell us that you have paid, your contact details and the details of any accounts to be setup:

Open the subscription form

OR – Manual subscription by cash:

Alternatively, please contact the administrators of the site, and we can process subscriptions manually by cash in person. We can visit you, call you, or meet within the block and will give you a valid receipt for your payment. Your accounts will be setup the same day.